Aysha Rensink

The professional British rider’s background comes from variety of sports . From race horses to Acrobatic gymnastics to Swimming to Ballet she has many qualifications . She has big passion for water sports , coming from a sailor father and her back ground with many sports made her to create this unique ideas and she produced colourful side of the sport.

Since 2008 she has been doing jet ski stunts with her custom made costumes and masks for the local shows to international events , she has been travelling all around the world to entertain the crowds as she explains ”i do wear masks and costumes for to add a bit of colour and art to the action , when combined with skill and powerful machines the result is surprisingly pleasent to the eye” . Aysha does also race her water craft in offshore races , She does race for the Uk Aquax 300 pro series , she also supports many riders around the world with her sponsorship oportunities . All her photos done with safety team and professional crew members.

Crew Members

John Claridge


John is a professional photographer specilised with action photos. He has been taking Aysha’s photos since 2009 , the professioal photographer met the rider in one of his visits to Brighton , when he seen the way her acrobatic moves with the machine he truly impressed and keep coming back to Brighton Pier where the rider was regularly jet skiing , many months later John introduced the photos he has been taking to Aysha since then the 2 made their passion combined together and produce these colorful action photos .They became the perfect partners , Aysha says ”John has been taking my photos so long that he knows my every move so that he catches the perfect moment with his amazing skills.

Aysha Rensink

Stunt Rider

Aysha tries to bring new dimension to sport so that can catch different crowd ,she has many International followers from so many different backgrounds that all have one common interest of enjoying her artistic work .Her photos and videos are to show the artistic side of the sport , the way she explains ”the machine got the power and you got the control once you excel it , it will be that you got the power and you got the control ….she describes it as dancing with the machines in harmony.

Russell Marmon

Safety Crew Manager

Russell is a professional racer he has been racing all around the world over 20 years and won many tittles , the professional racer does manage the safety of the crew that he makes sure all the photos and videos are done under supervision .Russell is also the crew ‘s main boat captain that he takes the whole crew with their Custom Rib.

Dairus Mc L .


Dairus manages to collect the video materials from Aysha’s riding sessions , he does also edits and creates the videos , He has been member of the crew since 2014 .Dairus also the professional drone driver of the crew.
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